We decided over 200 years ago that we wanted to be an inclusive society, and we wanted to guarantee equal rights for all.
— Loretta Lynch - U.S. Attorney General

The exemplar Gender Inclusion policies on this page are gathered from around the United States. To be listed as a "Model" policy on genderinclusiveschools.org, a model policy must include:

  1.  Clear definition of terms
  2.  Mandates for the respect and use of every individual student's preferred names and their pronouns
  3.  Guaranteed access to all facilities and activities that align with every students' gender identity
  4.  Limitations or complete elimination of gender segregated instruction and curricular materials

*Fort Worth was included because of their positive impact on gender equity in a hostile state like Texas.  However, the terms "actual sex" and "perceived gender" are not condoned by Gender Inclusive Schools.  Additionally, the definition under Sex should read "sex assigned at birth" not "sex at birth".