Professional Development Modules


The Welcoming Schools Approach

  • Learn how Welcoming Schools helps to create respectful and LGBTQ-inclusive elementary schools.
  • Discover how and why Welcoming Schools increases student success.
  • Become familiar with the diversity of high quality book recommendations and lesson plans Welcoming Schools offers.

Embracing Family Diversity

  • Learn the importance of seeing family diversity represented in your school.
  • Understand family diversity as a means of teaching self-respect and respect for others.
  • Be able to answer questions from students and families about the importance of embracing all families.

Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools 

  • Develop a framework for creating a gender inclusive school.
  • Be able to respond to challenging questions related to gender.
  • Understand how to support gender expansive and transgender students.

Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary Students 

  • Understand the critical need to create safe and supportive schools for transgender and non-binary students.
  • Understand the complexities of transitioning and know how to support students on this journey.
  • Be familiar with policies and best practices to support transgender and non-binary students.

Creating LGBTQ-Inclusive Schools

  • Look at simple ways to develop LGBTQ-inclusive classrooms and to be LGBTQ-inclusive across the curriculum.
  • Be able to better answer questions from students and families related to LGBTQ topics.
  • Become familiar with sexual orientation and gender identity terminology.

Preventing Bias-Based Bullying

  • Be able to foster ally behavior among students, staff and other adults.
  • Understand bystander behavior and be able to utilize the Bully Circle.
  • Learn and practice critical intervention steps.

Welcoming Schools Law and Policy Review

  • Become knowledgeable of federal, state and school district level laws and policies.
  • Become familiar with language to strengthen current policy and to advocate for enumerated protection for all students.